Tuesday, December 31, 2013

SplitterZ 2.0.1B - Small Update

Fixed two annoying bugs, Get it here or on the downloads page

-Fixed not being able to change Global Hotkey buttons
-Fixed files breaking if image filepaths contained a comma

Thanks for the feedback guys!

Monday, December 30, 2013

SplitterZ 2.0 Beta Release

Well, it's been a while, short post outlining differences (there's a lot) Check out the downloads page, or click here to get the new version.

For those new to SplitterZ (and those wondering about new stuff) check out this Youtube video:

Bug Fixes - There's a lot of fixes, and I didn't keep a list, so here's the big ones

  • Fixed the dreaded "File load error" 
  • Regions that use ',' as the decimal point are now supported
  • Fixed some display errors with the last split
  • Fixed background colors not changing
  • Cleaned up Run Editor
  • Fixed previous split showing wrong times

New Features:

  • Counters :D
  • New Options UI
  • Outline on the detailed split
  • Open Recent Feature
I've done a lot with this version that isn't documented, hopefully you enjoy, and let me know if something doesn't quite work correctly!

Contact me at splitterz420@gmail.com or twitch.tv/tlozsr

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

SplitterZ 1.1b

I'd like to start this post with a thank you for the roughly 400 people who have downloaded SplitterZ so far. It really means a lot to me, and motivates me to continue the project, so thank you very much! :) 

Now onto business.

SplitterZ 1.1b

Yay! New version of SplitterZ! You can get it here, or on the downloads page So what's new? 

Custom Colors

One of the most asked for features to be completed, so I definitely had to finish it up for you guys. I may add more customization to the colors in the future, but what I currently have is a solid start and should make users happy. Here's a little look at how custom colors work.

SplitterZ Custom Colors
 As you can see, colors are highly configurable. You can preview changes to your colors on actual splits, so you'll know for sure just how everything is going to look. Your color configuration is saved to an external text file to ensure that next time you load SplitterZ your colors will still be there.

Always Showing The Detailed Split

This was a great suggestion from TheLordOfUltima, thanks! SplitterZ now always shows the Detailed Split, even when the timer is not running. When the timer is not running, the Detailed Split is grayed out (at least with the default color.) This creates a smoother transition from the timer not running to running.

The Detailed Split as shown when the timer is not running

 Change the Number of Splits Above and Below Detailed Split

You may be thinking "This was already in the first release! Are you trying to pull of previous features as new?" And I will respond, "No! I made it better! Look!" 

You can now have a different number of splits above the detailed split than you do below the detailed split. This fixes the awkward gaps some users experienced when they had an even number of splits and wanted to show them all. Take a look at the following images.

The Detailed Split can now hover wherever you want it to!

New options menu shows the new Detailed Split choices

Bug Fixes!

Last, but certainly not least, I've gone and fixed many of the common bugs that users stumbled across. There's still a lot more that I need to fix, but I'll get to those next time. I'll list some off here:
  • Fixed files not opening after saving with empty splits in the middle
  • Global Hotkeys no longer work when you have the run editor open
  • Not really a bug, but removed smaller text option, the text is always smaller now
  • Fixed crash when entering no data into run time in editor
  • Fixed Unsplit unsplitting twice when global hotkeys were enabled
  • Fixed previous split displaying when it shouldn't (not 100% sure it's gone)
  • Timer now saves width upon exiting. 
  • I think I had some more, but I'm drawing blanks at the moment, haha
Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for considering SplitterZ! I really appreciate all the support I've gotten, even with a slightly buggy timer :) If you'd like to help support SplitterZ, consider donating with the paypal widget on the side of the page. If you have any bug reports, send them to me at splitterz420@gmail.com


Saturday, September 14, 2013

SplitterZ Open Beta

Warning: Keep in mind this is a very early version of the timer, and nothing is close to final. I highly recommend backing up your save files in case something corrupts them...

Here's the download page, I highly suggest reading the following post in its entirety

What Is SplitterZ?

SplitterZ is a new timer that aims to take the functionality of Llanfair and the sleek design of Wsplit and combines them into one timer. 

Tell Me More!

Main Timer:

Alright! SplitterZ keeps track of how far ahead you are at various user set checkpoints. A central, detailed split shows information on your current split. This is one of SplitterZ's best features. The image below shows off the look and features of SplitterZ.

Gold colored splits indicate a new best segment time (more on that later.) Green splits are ahead of your personal best, and red splits are behind your personal best. 

The Split in the middle of the timer shows a more detailed image for your split, along with a separate timer that times only the individual split. The Final, purple split is the last split of the run. If you elect to show the last split, this is how it will appear. 

Run Editor:

The run editor is very simple and easy to use. Just create a new run, and add and rename splits to your desire! Click the segment image column to add a images to customize your splits!
Run Edit Dialog
The run editor has some variables that are not currently used, so please ignore them, they may be made useful in future versions :)


The options dialog is rather small right now, but I do have support for global hotkeys.
Global Hotkeys Dialog
And some more general options:
General Options Dialog
Most of this is self explanatory, but definitely use the smaller split text option, it's much prettier :)

Colors do not currently work, but you can have some fun pretending they do :P

Best Splits

The Best Splits feature keeps track of the fastest you've ever completed an individual split. It gives the user an idea of the absolute fastest they could complete their run if they played perfect. Right click the timer and click the best split option to see your sum of best splits!

Upcoming Features

SplitterZ is nowhere near complete, I still have a lot I want to add. I'll hit on some of the bigger features here:
  • Custom colors for all timer areas
  • Pause timer
  • Countdown timer
  • PB/WR video management
  • Compare against 2 sets of splits
  • Custom counters (i.e. Golden Skulltulas, Random Encounters, Deaths)
  • And more!

Contact Me

I look forward to hearing any and all feedback about SplitterZ! Feel free to email me at splitterz420@gmail.com to report bugs, request features, or to just ask any questions!

Support SplitterZ

If you feel so inclined, I do take donations if you'd like to show your support for SplitterZ. Donations of $30 or more will allow you to work with me on a reasonable feature of your choice!

Thank You For Choosing SplitterZ!